Choose One Of The Three Available Packages That Best Suits Your Big Day



The Silver Package is suited to weddings with between 20 to 80 guests.

Especially designed for the Wedding Reception either before or after eating but before the music gets turned up.

This package is great for keeping all your guests entertained for 2 hours. There will be laughter, screams and gasps galore. A Special Trick just for the Happy Couple, Mini Magical Illusions performed at the tables, the bar and in your hands will be just one of the talking points at your wedding.

Your guests will remember the entertainment you provide for them, and your day will be even more successful and magical. You will get lots of photos taken by your guests during the magic performance and a lot of social media posts will be made. This means you get to see even more photos of your guests enjoying themselves that you would not usually get.

This is a great time to have a Magician as the guests who attend the reception won’t miss out on all the celebrations and fun. There is magic for everyone and several different styles too and don’t worry about your younger guests either, I’ll show them some special magic and even provide a link on my website teaching them a trick to amaze their friends and family with.

I also take pictures and get guests to film me while I perform so if you follow me on my social media accounts, you’ll get to see even more pictures of your reception that your photographer couldn’t capture.


The Gold Package is like the Silver Package with a very special difference.
This package includes a Special Set performed for the Head Table or equivalent and is suitable for 80 to 100 guests. This can be of particular importance for the Happy Couple and very close Family & Friends as you may have missed the performances. There is a lot happening at your reception and you must try to maintain a presence throughout the day.
You may be taken off by the photographer or are just busy welcoming all your guests, but that also takes you away from the entertainment you have booked.
The Special Intimate Set will be between 20 to 30 minutes, and I include everyone at the table in the performances. Again as with the Silver Package, I perform a Special Magic Trick just for the Happy Couple which leaves you with a souvenir and memory.
Having a personalised performance adds that extra special touch and you get to see what you are providing for your guests too.
That’s not all. The Gold Package also takes my performance time up to 3 hours in total. So, you will receive a maximum 30 minute Intimate set for the Head Table and 2 hours and 30 minutes of Magic for your guests at the tables, the bar and in their hands.
Add that little extra magic you deserve on your Wedding Day and book the Gold Package.


This is the Ultimate Package incorporating the Silver and Gold Package to include 3 different performances throughout your big day and is suitable for 100 guests upwards.

Maybe you have a Wedding Breakfast Planned, an Afternoon Reception and an Evening reception or it could be a Drinks Reception. Whatever you have planned I will perform during three elements of your choice on your big day.

You may have different guests during the day to those in the evening and you want all your guests to experience the Magic, Fun and Laughter I provide.

This is the Package for you if all the above meets your needs. All your guests will see different Magic and every effort will be made to ensure that no guest sees the same trick twice, unless requested of course.

Your Wedding Day will be the talk of the town with your guests talking about how well you planned your Big Day. You will have many memories and the photos and videos will just keep coming as your guests start sharing on social media the Amazing Magic they witnessed.

It will not get any better than this. Make sure you do not miss out on this package as once I am booked for this package my day is blocked out completely. I am often booked for two Weddings on the same day if the chosen package and times allow but a Platinum booking is an All-Day Event.