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Do Not Hire Cheap Entertainers

Have you thought about how you will keep all your guests entertained at your Wedding?

In 2016 a survey conducted by Bridal Magazine revealed an astonishing statistical fact. They discovered that 78% of Brides wish they had spent more money on their entertainment. Think about that for a few seconds. That is FOUR in every five Brides who were not happy with the entertainment they booked or rather the lack of it.

A similar study has been carried out in the USA and they too found a very similar statistic. Although they are less inclined to book Magicians in the USA they still made the mistake of not thinking about their entertainment.

A Magician is a fantastic addition to any Wedding Day. A Magician can add fun and laughter as well as perform amazing and stunning Magic that will blow the minds of even the most sceptical of guests. I recently exhibited at a Wedding Fair and almost every couple, Mother and in-laws said they have never thought of magic being so fun and entertaining. This is the key here, ENTERTAINING. You see, many people can learn a few tricks and maybe even perform them well, but are they entertaining the people they are stood in front of or just showing magic?

When you think of the cost of your Wedding including everything, a Magician is actually a very small cost. You have the dresses, the suits, cars or horse and carriage, church, flowers, bells, invitations, photographer, reception venue, reception invites, cake, table dressing, caterers, DJ, rings, honeymoon and probably a lot more to organise and book. There may even be a massive amount of things you have thought of that are not in this list. The grand total will be big but if you break down the cost of your special day and look at individual service costs etc, you will see that a Magician is probably still the most affordable service you will book.

Your guests will walk into your reception venue and see all the tables dressed up, you and your newly wed partner looking amazing and how lovely the rings are. Now be honest with yourself, when you last went to a wedding what was the thing you remember the most about the reception? Was it the table centre pieces, the chair covers with gold embroidery on them, the fancy folded napkins, or was it the entertainment? Maybe it's more along these lines, a band or a really good engaging DJ who got everyone up dancing and playing fun games, a comedian or some other entertainer. You see a Magician can perform at various times throughout the day at your Wedding, not just the evening reception. There are going to be moments during your day that are naturally more quiet, that's the nature of a Wedding. So get some good entertainment for your big day to give those guests the time of their lives while they celebrate with you.

Now, hopefully you are thinking more about your entertainment and have now considered booking a Magician, great! A few things to remember though so you get a great entertainer.

You will be looking at around £500 upwards for a Magician who will perform for all of your guests. But I will also ensure that you know when I arrive and when I am leaving by entertaining you and your newly wed partner first and last. That way you have a mental clock of how long I am there. I'll perform at the tables and include everyone, yes even the guests that don't like magic and even better, they will love it by the time I move on to the next table. I'll perform at the bar and generally strolling around and performing to those who don't want to be seated.

Do NOT book a cheap entertainer whatever you do. Even if you don't book me, spend money for quality entertainment. If you book cheap to save money you will end up with a cheap act. They may not arrive on time, they may not be presentable, they may even have a few drinks first a smell of alcohol while talking to you and your guests. Is that what you want? Remember, you are paying for a professional and I bet you can't have a few drinks at work. Now I am not saying that all cheaper performers are like this but I can guarantee that most are.

Ensure that your entertainer has full PLI (Public Liability Insurance) otherwise they may be turned away from the venue and ruin your day. I have full PLI up to £10,000,000.00 so you can rest assured I am serious about what I do.

REMEMBER, pay the price to get quality and you will get quality and when you really do think about it, the cost of a Magician is probably one of the lowest costs you will have. However, it will be the best money you have spent and give you and your guests a great and memorable amazing time to remember.

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