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I am a little late with this one as it has been very busy for me recently, but enough of that.

When you decide that you really do want to book a magician how do you know you are getting what you pay for?

It is very tricky, pun intended, to know whether or not your Magician is worth the money you are paying. The easiest way to see what you are paying for is to first of all look on the website of the entertainer you are booking. I say entertainer because that is what you are paying for. Anyone can focus themselves enough with determination and commitment to learn magic and show them to people, but can they make it entertaining?

I have a style of performing that is generally quite fast and at times funny. I can also at the request of the client add blue comedy which has been a great add on. Do you really want a boring performance of magic or one that is full of energy and will get the crowd going?

I strive to make my performance as entertaining as possible while feeding off the people I am performing for. If they are laid back I will try and energize them but if they are already energized I will perform something very out there and join them on their level.

The second way to clarify your entertainers credentials is to see if they are a member of a Magic Society. It doesn't have to be The Magic Circle or The Magic Castle in Hollywood, they are just magic societies, but you want them to have auditioned somewhere successfully and have become a member to show they are worthy of what they do. This is the only way a performer of magic will gain entry into a society so they have to show they can do it. I am a proud member of the SMC, The Sussex Magic Circle where I attend every fortnight to discuss, share, learn and perform magic to and for other members. We are the most critical of each other and our performances so we always know if an effect we have performed is ready for public performance. We get and give lots of constructive criticism and help each other get better at something new so you, our audience, can see the very best of us.

I also encourage my prospective clients to watch me perform before they book my services. This may be at a local restaurant or a bar that has me performing for them but either way they get to see the quality they are booking. This gives you the confidence you need to book the entertainer you want. A professional Magician will also have PLI, Public Liability Insurance, which is more often than not done through Equity for all types of artistes and performers. A lot of the best actors and entertainers in the UK are members of Equity, as am I, so it does stand for something for professional entertainers.

Some Magicians will have a gallery or short show reel on their website showcasing what they can do which is very helpful for some. I perform at my local pub very often and they love it when I show them something new or use them as a guinea pig for a new effect. They feel like they have a connection with my performances and they love it.

Finally you can look for reviews or get feedback from people who have booked that entertainer previously. Ask them the questions you want answered before deciding and then talk to your preferred entertainer to ask more.

The bottom line here is make sure you see the entertainment you are paying for. Whichever way you do it, do it.

Until next time, have a magical day!

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